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Des Such an authentic sound I love the realness and the lyrics have such a powerful meaning! It's difficult to find a band with a sound that they have and I am totally in love. You all are rad!
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HERE IT IS! thanks to everyone who sat in the basement while we recorded and while i wrote. a HUGE thanks to Devon for making this album happen.


released September 2, 2015

Caden Daley- Drums and counting on that one song.
Maddy Land- Bass and vocals
Luke Bonadonna- Guitar, vocals
Devon Bonadonna- Recording, mastering, a lil bass, a lil drums, and a lil guitar.



all rights reserved


Art Homework Larchmont, New York

We are on hiatus while Luke goes to college. WHO KNOWS WHAT COMES NEXT.

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Track Name: 3:04 AM
I plug my nose because
Im too close to home to feel this alone
I walk down the middle of the street
until i find a reason to stop moving my feet

I try something new
but i cant change who i am to you
and i
try to think outside the box
but i always come back to those awkward thoughts
how you used to like it
how you used to like it when i

how you used to like it when i
made you laugh at unfortunate past
and you
you used to make me happy
but i need to let it go
this is me letting go
Track Name: Another Car Song
I like you
because your alot like me
you dont have a light to help you see
id like to see more of you
so ill give you a ride or two
ill keep my eyes on the road
even though i wanna be looking at you
and when i drop you off
ill turn up the radio
and ill yell everything they say
because it makes me feel

I like you
because your alot like me
you dont need a light too help you see
but you help me be
less self loathing
feel more deserving
for the things i need
i barely know you
but i dont really need to
ive made up my mind and it wont be changed
i dont think i want it to rearrange
so it might be a problem but its one i need
i dont think its from smoking
all the weed

so ill drive you home and you'll get there safe
but when you leave the car you'll leave an empty space
Track Name: Christmas lights
as the lights on my walls
come tumbling down
into the lonely room beneath
i realize i need a more
permanent method
to keep them up
you realized long ago
you saw the flaws in my plan
i didnt listen i never do
now my rooms dark and i miss you
silent basement come home soon
your out to late in the afternoon
if you wanna be my only friend
stay down here till the very end

the mirror on my wall did its job too well
so i covered it in a sheet
when you came by you asked me why
you couldn't
what you looked like
on your date night
but i dont care
Silent basement come home soon
your leaving me as im leaving you
if you wanna be my only friend youll
stay down here till the very end
silent basement come home soon
because your leaving me
as youre loosing room.
Track Name: On My Arm
Writing on my arm
tells me what to do
my arms are blank
and my mind is too
im lost in my own room
my own room
my arms are blank
and i dont know what to do

the summer it is over
so wheres my direction
the summer it is over so what do i do now

my arms are blank
and my mind is too
Track Name: No Title
All the lights are out
on the way to your house
can you come out (x2)

the walk is long
from your front lawn
can you come along (x2)

i cant go home
Track Name: RE_WRITTEN
im tired
of staying
inside i dont wanna hide
im tired
but i dont wanna sleep
dont tell me
where i can or cant be

why dont you
let me be who im trying to be
who dont you
let me go im trying to go
im trying to go

I can drive now so i can pick you up
i might be unsafe but i wont crash
Track Name: Two Sad Lines
the clock
rotates too fast
i dont have time to watch tv every night
thats a lie
i watch it most days
i watch it most days and every night
oh its too cold to think about
anything you said last night
i wanna get high
i dont wanna worry
i wanna believe ill be alright
im afraid to slip
the ice is clear and my shoes are warn down
and sure im a teenager
but i dont think ill never die
i know its coming and its coming
all the time
i know that
im too young to think about all those things
im only 16 i dont know much about anything

i wrote 2 sad lines in a shity song
so i dont feel sad anymore
now im happy for the time being
there's nothing more
Track Name: Home By 8
I used to be so tired
but i always wanted to
stay up late
be just like you
be awake
be with all my friends
stay up late

you used to be so tired
i didnt notice
now you sleep until
mid day
i used to be so tired
stay up late
you used to be so tired
sleep all day
Track Name: I Don't Need Sleep
I dont need sleep
you smell like weed
i dont wanna be with
who you wanna be with
so you got dressed
you woke up to this mess
you dont wanna be who
i want you to be you
you dont like dreams
i know what you mean
i dont wanna sleep when
you want me to sleep then
i dont need sleep
to know what you mean
the morning will suck but
ill be happy to know what
you want
to know

Track Name: Fluorescent
I dont like the feeling i get
from your fluorescent light
flip the switch its much too bright
ill break the bulb by night

Ill sleep on your floor
there's no room in your bed
ill sleep just fine
in my head
it wont work out

maybe i can work it out
of my body
it will help me it will not
you will kick me out
of your house
or so i think
i think too much

and i dont believe in god but i will one day
but if you need it ill believe it
if you need it ill believe it